LipoSaver and Argon Plasma

Why choose the LipoSaver and Argon Plasma protocol?

Because it guarantees the results that doctors are looking for, but that they can not get with today's available technology. Compared to traditional methods, such as laser, the use of these two technologies has considerable benefits and leads to a three-dimensional reshaping of the treated areas.

LipoSaver acts on the adipose layer without damaging the surrounding tissues and without damaging the fat cells which, through the clustering process, are sucked quickly and atraumatically. The aspirate can then be used very effectively for subsequent fat grafting.

Argon plasma selectively acts on the collagen of septa and subcutaneous and denatures it for thermal effect. Unlike traditional technologies, the thermal action of argon plasma is more controlled and creates less damage and, consequently, ensures faster recovery to the patient. During the selective heating of the plasma, HSP (Heat Shock Protein) is created which leads to denaturation of collagen at a very high temperature but for a short time. By avoiding an overheating of the tissues, and therefore problematic, the optimal denaturation of the collagen is obtained both at a deep level and at a more superficial level for an optimal tissue contraction and greater safety.

The LipoSaver and argon plasma effect is unique and can replace more invasive interventions such as mini-abdominoplasties and effectively treat more difficult skin types and areas, such as arms and thighs, which notoriously do not have great effects of contraction.

The use of our Liposaver protocol combined with argon plasma and our specialist clinical support allows the doctor to have an optimal technique for the elimination of adipose excess and cutaneous ptosis, achieving visible and appreciable results immediately during surgery without associated problems of hardening of tissues, depressions and irregularities.

Instantly tangible result with Liposaver & Argon Plasma

The Benefits of the Protocol

Reduction of risks

Controlled thermal damage and no irregularities

More contraction of collagen

Selective denaturation of septal and subcutaneous collagen without affecting vessels and nerves

Reduction of post-operative recovery

The effect of controlled heat leads to effective internal coagulation and thus to the reduction of bleeding and edema formation

Easy treatment and reduced fatigue for the doctor

The surgery is less tiring than traditional techniques thanks to LipoSaver that opens the way and empties tissues from fat. The effect of ultrasound is very effective on secondary interventions or patients who have significant fibrosis

Instant results

The definitive contraction of the tissues and the remodeling of the treated area are immediately visible at the end of the surgery, ensuring predictability of result without waiting for recovery times of traditional methods

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