High Definition Liposuction

What is LipoSaver?

LipoSaver LS-2000 is a medical device with many years of research and experience to support its technology. The device has been specifically designed for a mini invasive body reshaping and contouring.. LipoSaver allows to perform high definition liposuction targeting both small adipose pockets and big bulks.

LipoSaver has been designed to reduce tissue damage and therefore blood loss during treatment; this characteristic considerably reduces post-op recovery time for the patient.

Ultrasound Effect

Ultrasound energy has an effect on tumescent solution infiltrated in the tissues: the liquid solution moves under the ultrasound stream. This movement, consequently, desegregates fat tissue in micro-clusters without damaging fat cells membrane structure. These clusters are easily aspirated together with tumescent solution. The aspired fat is intact and can be effectively used for fat grafting procedures.

Ultrasound effect, moreover, stimulates tissue retraction, eliminating skin irregularities for predictable results.

How does LipoSaver effect works

The probe

emits ultrasound energy where tumescent solution has been infiltrated


moves the solution creating millions of micro-bubbles

The bubbles

expand so that adipose bulks implode, single fat cells separate from surrounding tissue

The clusterized fat cells

mix with tumescent solution for easy aspiration

The selective clusterization

of fat tissue does not damage more dense tissues, e.g. vessels and nerves

How does LipoSaver works

With a single device you will obtain adipose tissue reduction with a mini invasive treatment which allows patients to get back to daily activities soon.

Your patients will be delighted by the minimum downtime of LipoSaver procedure! LipoSaver is the best option to obtain precise body contouring of the abdomen, gluteus, arms and tights and for the accurate definition of face contours.

Surgeons will be able to satisfy, with a single device, the increasing demand for precise and mini invasive procedure and excellent results.

LipoSaver is a technologically advanced device conceived to ease liposuction and body sculpting and to be a versatile and safe device. LipoSaver structure and components have been designed to optimize all steps of liposuction, from probes calibration to parameters setting.

Before After

Abdomen Female Courtesy of Dr. Jaeho Jo

LipoSaver is equipped with probes of different dimensions, lengths and grooves in order to customize each procedure and treat adipose tissue and fibrous tissue with minimal effort. LipoSaver probes are designed to treat different areas of the body.
Surgeons will chose any time the best accessory according to the specific case and needs of the patient.